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Richard Kelly’s 2009 “The Box”

Richard Kelly’s 2009 “The Box” - Looks good nezname cislo right? A great concept? I thought so too. But something about it tickled my memory banks and it finally hit me - this movie, The Box, is a rip of an old Twilight Zone episode. Well, not old as in the original series, but old as in from the 80’s - you know - back when I was a teenager and had no idea what a wrinkle was but now the nasty little bastards..


wait a minute….

that’s not what I wanted to talk about….

So anyway, this former Twilight Zone episode entitled “Button Button” focused on a struggling couple who receive a box with a red button. If they push the red button they will become instantly wealthy but by doing so they are condemning someone to a certain death. Who that someone is cannot be known - it’s a risky game of roulette where they must decide if the money is worth the guilt; or the death.

You have to admit, the performance of Mare Winningham is rather good. Her “I could care less” demeanor keeps you guessing pretty much through the entire 20 minutes or so of actual show as to whether or not she actually has a conscience.

But to stretch Button Button into a two hour remake (give or take a couple minutes) on the big screen -which is exactly what The Box does - seems like it would be a huge waste of unnecessary film. Unless the movie is altered greatly and multiple deaths happen. Gruesomely like Wrong Turn “I’m-a-cannibal-and-want-to-eat-your-face” gruesome; not like Saw “I’m-going-to-mindfuck-you-then-watch-your-saw-your-leg-off-in-desperation-to-survive” gruesome.

Even as much as I love Cameron Diaz in comedies, I’m not going to hold my breath for this one. I hope she proves me wrong….