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Tanka Time - Donnie Darko

Due to dark feelings I had as of late nezname cislo, I’ve decided to review a movie that is not one of my particular favorites. Well, not even one I really like that much but it has a cult following and I’m hoping that in this review I might have an epiphany that may help me appreciate this movie for what so many others saw in it that I did not.

Donnie Darko’s cult following is what sucked me in and it’s that same cult following that kept me watching until the end. I would be lying if I said it did not touch me in some way as I did shed a tear or two, but was it a movie that left lasting effects to make me say “WOW-what an awesome movie”??

Not hardly.

Talk about a movie that is totally overrated. As a matter of fact, I might be so inclined to say that it sucked. (yes, Ryan - I said it. Donnie Darko sucked!)

frank-bunnyFor starters, we have Frank. Frank is a blatant rip off of Harvey, whom I loved. Though the graphics used to portray Frank were rather entertaining and definitely made of the flavor I prefer - a sort of a campy demonic blend - they were not sufficient enough for me to get over the Harvey rip off effect that I felt (but Frank plays a major role in this movie so I suppose I can give him props for his original and rather cool look.)

Apparently our star character - Donnie Darko - “sleepwalks,” which results in some really lame therapy sessions laced with placebos mediocre drugs. Can you say boring?

Until one night when Frank the bunny manages to lure Donnie out of his home only to tell him the world is going to end in 28 days. It’s at this time that an airplane engine just happens to fall from the sky right through the roof of Donnie’s room, which would have crushed him into powdery goo had he not been persuaded to leave the room by freaky Frank (actually this would have been better since it would mean the movie was over and I would have saved at least one of the two hours or so wasted on this one.)

Hmmm…. giant demonic looking rabbit; therapy; Armageddon; falling engines….. yup -all that spells crazy to me.

So over the course of the next 28 days, Donnie Darko tries to figure out how to convince himself he’s not crazy, to find the meaning of his life, and to commit a few petty crimes along the way….

Bore me to tears already. So I have decided to sum up my opinion in the form of a Japanese Tanka