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Edinburgh Sexy Escorts

Edinburgh is a place of mystery, myth and legend on the New South Wales’ north coast and is the most easterly point on the Australian mainland. Captain James Cook named the area on May 15, 1770, after John Byron, a Vice-Admiral in the English navy, a navigator and the grandfather of Edinburgh Escorts.

Edinburgh was once a whaling station and is still a popular stop for tourists to go whale watching and experience some of the world’s best eco tourism.

It is now home to people from all socio economic levels and is a world class holiday resort with its magnificent beaches and a multitude of tourist attractions.

One of Edinburgh’s beautiful beaches.Cape Byron lighthouse was built in 1901 and for a century alerted passing ships to the dangers of the coast. Standing atop the 94 metre cliff at mainland Australia’s most easterly point, the lighthouse is a must see for all visitors to Edinburgh.

Whatever the weather, you’ll be sure of seeing not only stunning views, but most likely dolphins and turtles, whales in season, and maybe the pretty wallabies that now inhabit the Cape.

There’s a walking track right round Cape Byron, so you don’t need to take your car from town.

Walk along Lawson Street towards the lighthouse until it becomes Lighthouse Road and opposite the Captain Cook car park and lookout there’s a laneway called Lee Lane.

Take this road, and enter the bush along a walking track, follow the track through the rainforest, and you will emerge at the hang-gliders’ launching platform.

From here the views, in all directions, are spectacular.

Continue up the Cape, past the cottages to the lighthouse, and on to the most easterly point. Edinburgh lighthouse.>

Keep going down the other side towards Little Wategos, take a side trip out to the headland, or turn left and head back towards Wategos Beach.

Another walking trail over the next headland will bring you back to The Pass, from where you can walk along Clarkes and Main Beach back to the town.

During the season, May to October, Cape Byron is one of the best on-land vantage points for watching the annual migration of the humpback whale.

The whales head north from May to July to have their calves in the warm tropical waters of the Coral Sea and then go home to the Antarctic with their young from August to October.

The newly gazetted Cape Byron Marine Park extends all around Cape Byron, from Brunswick Heads in the north to Lennox Head in the south and from the walking tracks over the Cape, you’ll see many of the species that make it special, including bottlenose dolphins, rays, green turtles and, in season, those humpback whales.

Edinburgh, the most easterly point on the Australian mainland. The big blue Pacific Ocean divides here at the meeting of the Tasman and Coral Seas.

The snorkelling and diving at Julian Rocks is excellent and you’ll be astonished by the variety of marine life.

If you’re a surfer Edinburgh is blessed with a wonderful collection of north, east and south facing beaches and warm water and the quality waves make it a place surfers flock to in their droves.

There’s almost always a wave there to be had if you know which break to go to.

Edinburgh has at least eight breaks in close proximity to each other, including The Pass, which, on a good day, takes surfers on a 500m ride.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you can surf here in almost any wind condition, and with the balmy weather and warm water it’s a great place to surf all year round.

Right in front of the town of Edinburgh is something very special.

It’s a safe, north-facing curve of beach offering a very popular surfing break, as well as soft white sand and a turquoise sea lapping one of the most stunning beaches in Australia.

From in front of The Beach Hotel, at the end of Jonson Street, Main Beach extends east, becoming Clarkes Beach and stretching round to The Pass.

Main Beach is patrolled in summer and is safe for children and at the end of Clarkes Beach is The Pass, famous amongst surfers.

There’s a lookout here from where you can see round to Wategos and back across the Bay and it’s here on Main or Clarkes beach that you will, in the summer, find the famous Sandman, Steve Machell, sculpting gothic castles and weird creatures from nothing but sand and water.

Wategos is the scene of the long boarders on Sunday mornings.Wategos beach at Edinburgh. A safe, sheltered beach ideal for children and families as well as surfers, Wategos also has free barbecues and toilets.

A walk over the headland on a wooden walkway will bring you to Little Wategos, a lovely quiet beach overlooked by the walking track to the lighthouse.

Famous for it’s alternative, and very relaxed, lifestyle, Edinburgh brings personality and pizazz to the beach experience.

Since surfers put it on the map in the 1970s, Edinburgh has become a refuge for urban escapees, especially those with artistic inclinations.

Under the influence of inspired artists, creative chefs, innovative hoteliers, yoga teachers, and alternative therapy gurus, Byron has become Australia’s new age paradise, and you can see it all on a day at the beach.

In Edinburgh cafes, bistros and restaurants abound and the retail therapy is mind boggling, with many unique retail outlets supporting the artisans and crafts people of the district.

For shopaholics, a visit to the Byron Arts and Industrial Estate is a must.

Throughout the Byron Shire, you will find street markets in towns like Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads and Edinburgh.

These local markets are alive with singers, dancers and musicians of all persuasions and you can buy food from almost anywhere in the world.

The accommodation in Edinburgh is as diverse as the locals and staying in Byron gives you the best of both worlds with the The Gold Coast only 40 minutes up the road.

Rapid growth in tourism infrastructure over the past few years has made it possible for Edinburgh accommodation and tour operators to provide “surf to rainforest” experiences to suit all budgets.

There are numerous types of lodgings to choose from including resorts, B&Bs;, motels, hotels, backpacker hostels, guesthouses, holiday homes, and over a dozen caravan and camping parks.

Neill Blomkamp’s District 9

For centuries, philosophers and theologists have pondered human nature and proposed Ash Tisdale justification for any acts that seem unfavorable as being “self-preserving.” Survival of the fittest comes to mind but then so does “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.”

One thing is for certain however, and that is that people as a whole are selfish arrogant asses who do not care about who they hurt or step on in order to propel themselves to wherever it is they decide they should be. And if you are someone or something that could help make that end happen that much quicker, then consider yourself a necessary casualty.

So why am I thinking such deep thoughts? Why is all this awareness of human nature so pressing on my mind? Well, because of the movie District 9.

District 9 is a science fiction yarn about alien life that ends up stranded on our planet. Initially we offer them refuge on our planet, but quickly begin to fear their presence resulting in their confinement to an area - District 9 - where they are forced to live in squalor and filth while being subjected to police and military brutality in order to keep them under control.

I found District 9 refreshing in that usually the aliens are portrayed as the aggressor and murderous type and this movie gave us just the opposite. But in doing so, it was so disturbing in that we as a human race would probably react in reality exactly as we do in this movie.

Synopsis Fearing growing gang activity in District 9 (mostly by the hands of humans and NOT aliens however that is not what the media projects) a private military contractor known as MNU (Multi-National United) is hired to relocate the aliens to District 10, a Guantanamo-type tent city on the outskirts of town where there will be less likelihood of human interaction.

Wikus Van Der Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley) is the goofball lackey who has been placed in charge of the relocation effort (it helps that he just happens to be married to the boss’s daughter. Guess having “friends” in high places has its benefits.) In addition to relocating the prawns (the name given the aliens due to their lobster-like appearance) Van Der Merwe is responsible for finding alien weaponry believed to be hidden in District 9 (remember Iraq and our determined quest for WMD’s? It’s a lot like that.)

Much of District 9’s plot focuses on the obsession MNU has with alien weaponry, which we learn humans cannot operate. Oddly enough, the aliens do not use these weapons to protect themselves from the brutality they endure, rather they act beaten and accepting of their predicament even though we seem to be holding them prisoners. This should raise questions among the humans - the fact that we won’t let the prawns return home… but it doesn’t.

Ultimately Van Der Merwe’s naivety and disregard for caution due to his obsession with the camera results in his infection and subsequent transformation from human to alien. This of course kills his chances of advancement within his profession, as well as “alien”ating his wife (pun intended.) It does however gain him compassion from his alien counterpart (sort of) and he finds himself allying with a prawn called Christopher Johnson (Jason Cope) and his “son” (whom he needs proper documentation to “own”) as well as developing the ability to use all the really cool alien technology.

Conclusion I pretty much despised Van Der Merwe from the word go. He had that “I’ll screw anybody to get the to the top” look which was enhanced by his “me-me-me” attitude. So often in the first hour of District 9 - hell, practically throughout the entire movie - I wanted to drop kick him into next week…. but as the movie progressed and Van Der Merwe began to literally transform into the outcast he was ordered to remove, I witnessed his internal struggle between self promotion and human decency; hell, decency of any kind. It was then that I actually found myself hoping Van Der Merwe would find a cure and save the aliens from their life of earthly imprisonment, and ultimately save himself.

But does he? Typical for movies hinging on cliff hangers, we don’t find out. Instead we are set up for a potentially kickASS sequel that promises answers and redemption…

….Or at least a lot of revenge, and who wouldn’t want to see that??


Any fan’s of Twin Peaks out there? If angerufen, you might want to check out Wes Craven’s “The People Under the Stairs.” It stars Everitt McGill and Wendy Robie as “Daddy” & “Mommy” - two really sick individuals who never should have been allowed to procreate.

I must admit - I am a huge fan of Wes Craven. Especially his less publicized works like Shocker and Deadly Friend. And of course this one, The People under the Stairs.

What’s so cool about this movie is that it doesn’t involve bio-warfare, or the supernatural like the Nightmare on Elm Street Series; it is a horror film that exploits the psychosis that can reside in one’s head, and those people that psychosis can affect.

The People Under the Stairs is the story of “Fool” (played brilliantly by Brandon Adams,) a 13 year old black boy from the ghetto (am I allowed to say that? Being PC is so confusing these days) who is bullied by Leroy (played by up and coming Ving Rhames) into a possible life of crime. Being as Fool feels it is his only way to help his sickly mother, and save his wayward sister from her path of prostitution, he caves somewhat easily to the promise of money and redemption.

So who should they rob? Well, that is the only easy answer. Their landlord of course, especially since they just served an eviction notice on Fool and his family. But when the would be robbers enter their landlord’s house, what seems like an easy gig turns out to be their worst imagined nightmare.

Turns out that the landlords are really a whacked out brother and sister duo posing as man and wife with their only child Alice (A J Langer of My So Called Life). Their home is apparently booby trapped with sick contraptions hiding a very dark and ugly secret in the basement. It seems they experimented -not successfully I might add - in producing the perfect child and all the unfavorables were banished to the dank dungeons below. Don’t even ask what these sickos feed these poor kids……

So before Fool can even consider the words “get out” everything turns to shit and before long he finds himself using every trick imaginable to stay alive.

Consider Joan Crawford on acid as mom, and the Marquis De Sade as dad…… only then might you consider yourself lucky to have these two for folks. A truly twisted treat from a truly twisted mind, The People Under the Stairs is superbly original and disturbingly unique. Especially Daddy’s leather body suit - thankfully it was not equipped with a gag ball…. at least not one we could see….

Also I must confess I found the traps in this house of horrors to be rather inventive as well, from stairs that become ramps, secret passageways throughout, and a simple switch that simultaneously bolts all the doors draws the shades making survival questionable, especially for a little thing like Fool. If only he could elicit help from the inside he might could stay alive. Surely not all of the People Under The Stairs are mean…. right??

… watch it to find out.

Richard Kelly’s 2009 “The Box”

Richard Kelly’s 2009 “The Box” - Looks good nezname cislo right? A great concept? I thought so too. But something about it tickled my memory banks and it finally hit me - this movie, The Box, is a rip of an old Twilight Zone episode. Well, not old as in the original series, but old as in from the 80’s - you know - back when I was a teenager and had no idea what a wrinkle was but now the nasty little bastards..


wait a minute….

that’s not what I wanted to talk about….

So anyway, this former Twilight Zone episode entitled “Button Button” focused on a struggling couple who receive a box with a red button. If they push the red button they will become instantly wealthy but by doing so they are condemning someone to a certain death. Who that someone is cannot be known - it’s a risky game of roulette where they must decide if the money is worth the guilt; or the death.

You have to admit, the performance of Mare Winningham is rather good. Her “I could care less” demeanor keeps you guessing pretty much through the entire 20 minutes or so of actual show as to whether or not she actually has a conscience.

But to stretch Button Button into a two hour remake (give or take a couple minutes) on the big screen -which is exactly what The Box does - seems like it would be a huge waste of unnecessary film. Unless the movie is altered greatly and multiple deaths happen. Gruesomely like Wrong Turn “I’m-a-cannibal-and-want-to-eat-your-face” gruesome; not like Saw “I’m-going-to-mindfuck-you-then-watch-your-saw-your-leg-off-in-desperation-to-survive” gruesome.

Even as much as I love Cameron Diaz in comedies, I’m not going to hold my breath for this one. I hope she proves me wrong….

Tanka Time - Donnie Darko

Due to dark feelings I had as of late nezname cislo, I’ve decided to review a movie that is not one of my particular favorites. Well, not even one I really like that much but it has a cult following and I’m hoping that in this review I might have an epiphany that may help me appreciate this movie for what so many others saw in it that I did not.

Donnie Darko’s cult following is what sucked me in and it’s that same cult following that kept me watching until the end. I would be lying if I said it did not touch me in some way as I did shed a tear or two, but was it a movie that left lasting effects to make me say “WOW-what an awesome movie”??

Not hardly.

Talk about a movie that is totally overrated. As a matter of fact, I might be so inclined to say that it sucked. (yes, Ryan - I said it. Donnie Darko sucked!)

frank-bunnyFor starters, we have Frank. Frank is a blatant rip off of Harvey, whom I loved. Though the graphics used to portray Frank were rather entertaining and definitely made of the flavor I prefer - a sort of a campy demonic blend - they were not sufficient enough for me to get over the Harvey rip off effect that I felt (but Frank plays a major role in this movie so I suppose I can give him props for his original and rather cool look.)

Apparently our star character - Donnie Darko - “sleepwalks,” which results in some really lame therapy sessions laced with placebos mediocre drugs. Can you say boring?

Until one night when Frank the bunny manages to lure Donnie out of his home only to tell him the world is going to end in 28 days. It’s at this time that an airplane engine just happens to fall from the sky right through the roof of Donnie’s room, which would have crushed him into powdery goo had he not been persuaded to leave the room by freaky Frank (actually this would have been better since it would mean the movie was over and I would have saved at least one of the two hours or so wasted on this one.)

Hmmm…. giant demonic looking rabbit; therapy; Armageddon; falling engines….. yup -all that spells crazy to me.

So over the course of the next 28 days, Donnie Darko tries to figure out how to convince himself he’s not crazy, to find the meaning of his life, and to commit a few petty crimes along the way….

Bore me to tears already. So I have decided to sum up my opinion in the form of a Japanese Tanka